Course Flyover

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Course Flyover

Our course flyover was expertly put together by Peter Byram from Langdale Broadcast services. A top of the range drone with high definition cameras captured the outstanding beauty and nature of our award winning golf course.

1st hole: Cleabarrow

A good drive just to the left of the marker post leaves the best angle to the green. The green slopes back to front so try to leave your second shot below the hole.

2nd hole: Kreak

A semi blind par 3. This hole always plays longer than the yardage. Beware the out of bounds just left of the green.

3rd hole: Crosthwaite

A great risk and reward hole. A good drive will get very close to the green but the drive is tight with out of bounds left and trees and rough up the right.

4th hole: The Pikes

One of the strongest par 4’s on the course. A good drive will still leave a blind second shot to long 2 tier green. Be happy to walk away with a 4.

5th hole: Talsyan

Another risk and reward hole. A good drive will get you close but a mid iron and wedge will also yield a good birdie chance.

6th hole: Wetherlam

A blind tee shot with the marker post being an ideal line. A pond on the left will catch pulled drives. An uphill 2nd shot always plays longer than the yardage.

7th hole: Capplebarrow

A perfect drive up the left half of the fairway opens up the green. Don’t miss the green right as this leaves a really tricky shot up to the green.

8th hole: Fairfield

Our signature hole. A magnificent view from the tee disguises a tricky par 3. Take enough club for the middle of the green to avoid the steep bank at the front of the green.

9th hole: Hellvellyn

A gentle finish to the front nine. The short par 4 offers a great birdie chance to set you up for the challenges of the back nine.

10th hole: Winster

The strongest par 3 on the course. Your tee shot needs to be left centre of the green. Any shot that misses right makes par a tricky score.

11th hole: Undermillbeck

The long hitters can drive this green but a wayward tee shot can make this a tricky par 4. A subtly-contoured green makes a 2 putt tricky.

12th hole: The Old Man

A downhill par 4. Fir trees cut in down the left side so a tee shot to the right side of the fairway is ideal. The pond short left of the green will catch any pulled 2nd shot.

13th hole: Claife

The green doglegs to the left after the tee shot. Just right of the marker post is the perfect line to open the green for the second shot. Beware the out of bounds wall at the back edge of the green.

14th hole: Lindeth

A deceptively tricky par 3. The small, well guarded green slopes at the front and back. Distance control is all-important here.

15th hole: Post Knott

This is a great par 3, with out of bounds left and a ditch on the right. The green slopes from the left to the right, so aim at the left centre of the green for the best line to the flag.

16th hole: Fellside

The only par 5 on the course. A good tee shot up the right will allow a shot to the green. The approach shot needs to be slightly right of the marker post to take the out of bounds down the left out of play.

17th hole: Grasmere

The card wrecker. Out of bounds left and dense trees to the right. Hitting the fairway leaves an uphill second shot to a 2 tier green. Take enough club to get up the hill.

18th hole: Westmorland

A strong par 3 to finish. Stop to look around as the views from this tee are breathtaking. A narrow entrance to a 2 tier green always makes 3 a good score.