2021 Open Competition Results


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Seniors Spring Open: Thursday 22nd April

1st: A. McNichol / B. Kitching (Keswick) 46 points: £150.00/each
2nd: M. Wane / I. Pettigrew (Romanby/Keswick) 45 points: £100.00/each
3rd: A. Rigby / L. Smith (Horwich/Werneth)44 points (cpo): £75.00/each
4th: P. Henderson / N. Smith (Wearside) 44 points: £50.00/each
5th: B. Davidson / D. Maybury (Otley) 43 points (cpo): £25.00/each

Team of 4 Spring Open: Sunday 2nd May

1st: D. Lever / J. Young / E. Craven / S. Craven (Bolton Old Links/Beverley & East Riding) 95 points: £100.00/each
2nd: D. Birch / P. Green / S.Woodhead / R. Peers (St. Annes Old Links) 91 points: £75.00/each
3rd: L. Stott / I. Bargh / D.McLaughlin / S. Telfer (Walmersley/Rochdale/Ashton Under Lyme) 89 points: £50.00/each
4th: M. Gornall / C. Whyte / D.Rimmer / K. Keene (Lancaster) 89 points: £25.00/each

Ladies Spring Open: Monday 17th May

1st: J. Santamera / F. Chester / J. North (Kendal/Windermere): 89 points: £70.00/each
2nd: E. Forbes / E. McClure / C. Paxton (Hartford): 84 points: £50.00/each
3rd: A. Britton / A. Yue / W. D'Arcy (Hartford): 83 points (cpo): £30.00/each
4th: J. Beaty / D. Morgan / M. Hayhurst (Longridge): 83 points: £20.00/each

Mens Spring Open: 23rd May

1st: C. Walmsley / W. Heap (Carus Green) 46 points (cpo) win £150.00/each
2nd: D. Brazier / D. Langley (Vicars Cross) 46 points win £125.00 each
3rd: L. Holliday / C. Neen (Seascale/St Bees) 45 points win £100.00 each
4th: A. Staerke / D. Muckalt (Heysham/Lansill) 44 points win £75.00 each
5th: S. Cohen / M. Rose (Whitefield) 43 points (cpo) win £50.00 each.

Mixed Summer Open: Monday 31st May

1st: O Harman/F Chester - Windermere - 47 points win £150.00/each
2nd: J Sampson/ S Sampson - Rochdale - 46 points cpo win £125.00 each
3rd: A Goorwappa/V Goorwappa - Bolton - 46 points cpo win £100.00 each
4th: S McFadzean/C McFadzean - Bradley Hall - 46 points cpo win £75.00 each
5th: D Haynes/D Cockburn - Saddleworth - 46 points cpo win £50.00 each

Seniors Summer Open: 15th June

1st: J.Thompson & J.Sneesby (Barrow) 49 points win £150.00/each
2nd: S.Grace & S.Preston (Ghyll) 46 points win £100.00/each
3rd: M.Gorrill & J.Dykins (Turton) 45 points (cpo) win £75.00/each
4th: P.Crompton & R.Donohoe (Shaw Hill) 45 points win £50.00/each
5th: D.Pearson & C.Mahon (Barrow) 45 points win £25.00/each