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The results of all our 2019 Open Competitions are listed below.
All prize vouchers will be held in the golf shop unless instructed to be posted out and can be used towards green fees or golfing equipment and accessories. We have limited stock in the golf shop but are a member of Foremost golf and can order anything from the Foremost golf website: www.foremostgolf.com. Simply let us know what you would like and we can order it into store for you to collect or post out. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of the competition.

JANUARY WINTER OPEN: Saturday 12th January
1st: M.Cleasby & M.Swindle (Kendal) 50 points 2 x £80.00 vouchers.
2nd: A.Stables & G.Quinn (Cockermouth) 48 points (CPO) 2 x £50.00 vouchers
3rd: J.Cullen & K.Stephenson (Silverdale) 48 points 2 x £25.00 vouchers
Nearest the pin: Ged Evans (Windermere): shoe bag, scorecard holder & ball marker

FEBRUARY WINTER OPEN: Saturday 9th February
1st: S. Hayes, A. Lavelle, P. Muir, S. Rigby (Gathurst GC) 4 x £50.00
2nd: Chris Coates, Gaz Parry, R. Foster, Matt Turner 4 x £30.00
3rd: A. Decon, David Cresswell, Grant Murdy, Blake Rooney (Carus Green GC) 4 x £20.00
Nearest the pins
2nd: Paul Tew (Windermere GC)
8th: Ross Johnston
10th: James Hocking
18th: Paul Muir (Hole in One)

MARCH WINTER OPEN: Saturday 2nd March
1st: Wayne Burrow & David Clark (Windermere & Kendal) 53 points. 2 x £100.00
2nd: John Kirkbride & Paul Tew (Windermere) 49 points (26 back 9). 2 x £75.00
3rd: Chris Bradshaw & Martin Smith (Pleasington) 49 points (24 back 9). 2 x £50.00
4th Steve Lee & Andy Schofield (Windermere & Silverdale) 47 points (23 back 9) 2 x £25.00
Nearest the pin: 18th: Tony Smith

1st: Charlie Insley, Gurds Mann, Andy Bates, Gary Haslam (93 points)
2nd: Martin Latchum, Andrew Stokes, John Elwood, Graham Fothergail (91 points)
3rd: Chris Bennett, Paul Stanton, Mark Cumberbatch, Andrew Barlow (90 points)
Nearest the pin: John Stokes

SENIORS SPRING OPEN: Thursday 25th April 2019
1st: L Smith/C Jones (WERNETH OLDHAM/HORWICH) 47 points
2nd: P Smith/R White (BOLTON OLD LINKS) 45 points
3rd: P Tew/J Kirkbride (WINDERMERE) 44 points
4th: A Braddon/B Lewis (SEDBERGH): 43 points
5th: P Vickers/A Gooderham (LYTHAM GREEN DRIVE): 43 points

TEAM OF 4 SPRING OPEN: Saturday 4th May 2019
1st:: D Lister/T Kemp/B Dixon/B Howard (MARYPORT) 89 points
2nd: A Shillito/R Shillito/P Brown/M Keenan (WORKINGTON) 87 points
3rd: J Doyle/V Doyle/D Dowie/J Bird (HOUGHWOOD) 86 points
Nearest the pin: 1 dozen Titleist Tour Soft Balls: C RICHARDSON

MENS SPRING OPEN: Saturday 11th May 2019
1st: A Forshaw/N Hodgkinson (SOUTHPORT/GRANGE PARK) 46 points
2nd: C Beattie/C Whitehead (WORKINGTON) 45 points
3rd: W Burrow/P Hevey (WINDERMERE) 44 points (CPO)
4th: B Metson/N Stork (ST IVES) 44 points
5th: M Faulkner/J Kirkbride (WINDERMERE) 43 points (CPO)
Nearest the pin: R Griffiths (WINDERMERE)

LADIES SPRING OPEN: Monday 13th May 2019
1st: C.Halstead, G.Fell, M.Hird (84 points) from Bentham
2nd: P.Murray, J.Myers, R.Kelly (80 points CPO) from Ulverton & Barrow
3rd: J.Moses, J.Mcghie, J.Squire (80 points) from Lancaster
Nearest the pin: Marjorie Madge (Windermere)

MIXED SUMMER OPEN: Monday 27th May 2019
1st: Jane Hutchinson & David Doig (Bondhay) 50 points
2nd: Neil Robinson & Gaynor Arnott (Northampton/Wellingborough) 47 points
3rd: Jayne Ludlam & Gary Law (Herons Reach) 46 points (CPO)
4th: Michael Jones & Lynn Jones (Carlisle) 46 points
5th: David Smith & Janette Smith (Carlisle) 46 points
Nearest the pin: Nigel Whalley (Blackburn)

1st: Thomas Noblett/Hartsorn (Windermere/Keswick) 46 points
2nd: Robert Taylor/Clem Cleminson (Carlisle) 45 points
3rd: Ian Geogarty/Malcolm Goldsworthy (Darwen/Clitheroe) 44 points
4th: Peter Turner/John Mcghee (Otley) 43 points cpo
5th: Graham Ball/Peter Wolfenden (High Leigh/Mere) 43 points cpo
Nearest the pin (18th): Peter Dragoonis

MEN'S SUMMER OPEN: Monday 30th June 2019
1st: P Grattan & A Airey (Carus Green) 45 points
2nd: R Blair & M Willfan (Knaresborough) 42 points (CPO)
3rd: M Lumsden & R White (Wallsend) 42 points (CPO)
4th: S Baird & N Dutnall (Carus Green/K Lonsdale) 42 points (CPO)
5th: P Robinson & H Boyle (Kendal) 42 points (CPO)
Nearest the pin: Dave Karling

LADIES FESTIVAL OPEN: Monday 5th August 2019
1st: M.Madge, A.Hart & P.Nicholson (81 points) from Windermere
2nd: L.Collinson, N.Detko & J. Shorrock (80 points CPO) from Longridge
3rd: L.Birch, L.Higham & C.Thundercloud (80 points) from Lancaster
Nearest the pin: Marjorie Madge (Windermere)

1st: M.Faulkner & M.Routledge (Windermere) 47 points CPO
2nd: D.Hughes & T.Pearson (Halifax) 47 points
3rd: S.Wood & B Westcott (Hollins Hall) 46 points CPO
4th: D.Smith & D.Culshaw (Windermere) 46 points
5th: E.Presland & A.Macgregor (Silsden) 46 points
Nearest the pin (18th): Mike Faulkner

MIXED FESTIVAL OPEN: Sunday 11th August 2019
1st: M.Burgess & D. Burgess (Kirkby Lonsdale) 50 points
2nd: J.Alcock & S.Alcock (Clitheroe) 48 points cpo
3rd: B.Thomson & M.Thomson (Workington/Whitehaven) 48 points
4th: K.Mather & Y.Mather (Windermere) 47 points
5th: I.Telford & H.Telford (Windermere) 45 points
Nearest the pin: Yvonne Mather (Windermere)

TEAM OF 4 SUMMER OPEN: Sunday 25th August
1st: D Underwood, J Reed, C Preston & S McGlynn (Clitheroe/Preston) 96 points
2nd: A Price, M Gunning, M Lawson & M Preason (Walmersley) 93 points
3rd: P Hoodless, R Irving, K Kerr & M Taylor (Silloth) 91 points
4th: D Lister, B Dickenson, S Wigham & B Howard (Maryport) 90 points CPO
Nearest the pin: Lee Bennett

1st: J.Gibbons & G.Fell (Chorley): 46 points
2nd: R.Mason & A.Bradon (Sedbergh): 43 points
3rd: D.Turnbull & D.Kirkbride (Carlisle): 42 points
4th: T.Bainbridge & M.Lyons (Grange Fell): 41 points (cpo)
5th: I.Rothwell & P.Sayer (Penwortham): 41 points
Nearest the pin (18th): C.Armstrong (Chorley)

1st: P Carter & J Carter(Ponteland) 43 points
2nd: S Graham & K Graham (Ramside) 42 points
3rd: H Jacques & R Jacques (Lancaster) 42 points
4th: I Bailey & A Bailey (Padeswood & Buckley (42 points
Nearest the Pin (18th): J Young (Bolton Old Links)

1st: Sally Cottle & Nicola Linfield (Rawdon) 43 points
2nd: Lyn Bond & Kate Rhodes (Kirkby Lonsdale) 42 points
3rd: Babs Matthews & Wendy Rowlinson (Windermere) 41 points
Nearest the Pin (18th): Irene Heaton (Grange Park)

OCTOBER WINTER OPEN: Saturday 12th October
1st: S.O’Keefe, M.Mcdonald, J.Winstanley, M.Price (Houghwood) (51.5)
2nd: A.Ideson, J.Farrow, A.Leonord, S.Ainsworth (Silverdale) (51.7)
3rd: J.Walker, M.Ainsworth, R.Nelson, I.Kaye (Silverdale) (52.2)
4th: N.Hargreaves, M.Donnellan, D.Beattie, S.Ramsdale (Gathurst/Haydock/St Annes Old Links) (52.4)

Nearest the pins:
7th: I.Rowlinson (Grange)
8th: D.Pierce (Seascale)
10th: T.Hesketh (Dean Wood)
17th: R.Holmes (Accrington)
18th: A.Ideson (Silverdale)

Saturday 2nd November
1st: Andy Dean, michael Drain, Matt Wood, Joe Bradley (Wilpshire): 16.8
2nd: Jordan Davenport, Sam Matthews, Jack Barker, David Wilson (Windermere) 17.4
3rd: Richard Shaw, Tony Doyle, Mark Holdcroft, Richard Spence (Windermere) 17.7

NOVEMBER WINTER OPEN: Saturday 16th November
1st: M Reid & K Morrow (Barrow) - 47 points CPO
2nd: A Peet (Deanwood) & S Walsh (Houghwood) - 47 points
3rd: S Oldfield & T Pearson (Cockermouth) - 45 points CPO
4th: J Ludlam & G Law (Windermere) - 45 points

DECEMBER WINTER OPEN: Saturday 14th December
1st: Steve Atkinson, Andy Earle, Robert Charnley & Barry Hayton (Kendal): 49.7
2nd: Tony Jackson, Mark Jones, Howard Jackson & Barry Seddon (Ellsmere): 52.6
3rd: Lee Shaw, Chris Nutall, Chris Pearson & Craig Newton (Great Harwood, Accrington & St Annes Old Links): 52.8

Nearest the pins:
6th: Steve Atkinson (Kendal)
10th: Chris Pearson (St Annes Old Links)
17th: Danny Beeley (Ellsmere)
18th: John Price (Ellsmere)

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